What Does "Healing Hyenas" Mean?

So people have asked me what does the name "Healing Hyenas" actually mean.  To summarize it in the Animal Kingdom the Hyena gets a bad wrap.  They are often portrayed as evil villains who are savages that laugh while being mischievous.  All of this is far from the truth, Hyena's are really misunderstood!  For example the spotted hyena which is the "laughing hyena" actually makes the "laughing" noise not because it is happy or laughing, but it is distressed or under duress!  A lot of times as people we can be painted as villains or be misunderstood simply by being misjudged.  So that is where I came up with name " Healing Hyenas."  It's time to heal from what people see as the unknown and being misunderstood.